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  1. Greetings all, I am coming here as I often do, to seek help from all of you wonderful people. I am in my last semester of my ADN, for an assignment we were tasked to write a resume. I found a great skeleton of a resume which you will see below, and then added my specific information and modified it slightly. My professor who is a former manager for many years did not like this resume, and I have not been able to get much feedback yet because we are on spring break. I would like to get myself applying into jobs ASAP, and was wondering if you guys like or dislike this setup.

    I had an alternative resume that actually included a lot of the work experience which is what my professor suggested I do. What do you all think?

    As always thank you so much for any input.
    During my ADN, I have had clinical training experience in oncology, post-acute, HBNF, long-term care, and renal floors. I was able to work with a preceptor in ICU during my senior semester. Throughout my training I was able to develop the skills below:
    A.D.N. RN-BSN Pathway ************* Expected Graduation May 2018
    B.A. English Literature, Biology ************* 2010
    Clinical Training

    • Performed rapid intake assessments of acute MI, central line, PICC, PIV, ABG analysis, endotracheal tube indications and management, chest tubes
    • Assisted in insertion of hemodynamic monitoring
    • Administered NIH Stroke Scale, Ramsey Sedation Scale, Glasgow Coma Scale
    • Provided education to patient and family on disease process
    • Participated in admission and discharge planning
    • Participated in post mortem care & educated family on what to expect in the dying process
    • Planned and assisted in blood administration & lab interpretation
    • Performed central line dressing change, aseptically inserted Foley catheters, inserted NG tube, began IV therapy
    • Monitored and interpreted hemodynamic instrumentation including: (Swan-Ganz, Central venous pressure, and Arterial line), performed, and assisted in cardioversion
    • I assisted in codes, assisted in ET tube placement, assisted in bronchoscopy and assisted with transesophageal echocardiogram
    • Evaluated wound healing, evaluated indications for ventilator weaning, participated in swallow study, evaluated chest X-ray and independently studied how to read them to be better prepared for practice, evaluated medication effectiveness using labs to inform efficacy, evaluate readiness to D/C chest tube therapy, independent study of cardiac rhythm interpretation.

    Licensure & Certifications
    CPR/BLS Certified
    Prior Work Experience
    Prior to pursuing a nursing career, I had worked as a research technician in the steel industry, worked in quality assurance, pursued an externship in energy, worked as a sales associate, and worked as a teacher and wrestling coach.
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