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    I'm new to this site, but have found it really helpful while researching all things nursing related. I graduated from an ABSN program in December and have been applying for new grad residency positions in Tampa area with no luck. I went into nursing school with the goal of becoming a psychiatric nurse and it seems that finding psych nursing jobs here as a new grad is really tough. I just recently moved to this area from Jersey too, so not sure how it works down here. I'm waiting for ATT and hoping to take NCLEX in February. I am also pretty stuck on doing psych nursing since that's been my passion for a long time. I graduated with a BA in Psychology and worked in the field of autism for several years after while volunteering as an EMT. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   Jazzyjaz0524
    I will suggest to you to look for jobs in other fields just to build up your resume. Of course it would be wonderful to start your career in your field (Keep looking! This is just an alternative), but specialties usually require experience. Try looking at the requirements of a PSYCH nurse in different job postings and see where they ask you to have experience at. Then go from there.