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  1. Hi! I am a nursing student in Iowa right now and all set to graduate in December. I am very interested in moving pretty much anywhere for a change of scenery and some adventure. As of now I am in love with the idea of moving to Seattle and am interested in pursuing a career at Seattle Childrens, possibly a SANE-P specialty. I do not have any family or friends in Seattle or very much when it comes to financial resources. Is this doable? Or am I crazy?
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  3. by   shibaowner
    Yes, it is doable. However, if you want adventure, then please do some research on the best job markets for RNs. Don't overlook smaller cities and towns.
    Here are good resources:
    217’s Best & Worst States for Nurses | WalletHub(R)
    Mapping America’s Predicted State-by-State Nursing Demand | Minority Nurse

    In addition, you may be eligible for a loan repayment program if you work in a designated shortage area. These programs are administered by HRSA and a lot of states also have their own programs.

    Finally, if you really want adventure or travel, consider the military. They are always looking for nurses and have loan repayment programs, plus if you want to continue your education to get an MSN, they will pay for it.

    Good luck and congratulations on finishing nursing school.