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  1. Hello,

    I will be graduating from my ADN RN program in December and will right away continuing on to a BSN completion program. My question is can I already start applying to knew grad positions even though I still 3 month out from graduation? and probably 4 month out from taking my boards. Just for some background context I live in suburbs of Minneapolis mn.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   cyclone67
    I graduated in August and applied for jobs starting in May / June. As a point of reference, the residency that I applied for in June just started doing interviews for a November start date. I got notified for a video interview in early August and then got picked for an in person interview which I did today. I would definitely recommend applying before graduation; if you wait you will end up have a huge gap between graduation and starting work. I would recommend just talking to the recruiters and getting information on their timeline and confirming that you can apply before graduation. Most (but not all) hospitals will allow you to apply early.
  4. by   /username
    Depends on where you want to work. It's very difficult to get into a hospital in that area without a BSN and sometimes experience.