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  1. I am a recent ADN graduate and have put in 100+ applications with no interviews. I know that it is important to obtain a BSN and have been looking into getting started. Now, I am wondering which RN-BSN programs would be most appealing to employers. I see some all online programs such as University of Phoenix, University of Texas-Arlington, Western Governers and I also know there are more traditional schools such as California State University-Fullerton, Long Beach, etc...

    So can anyone let me know if a director or hiring manager has ever had a preference as to a particular school the BSN was obtained at? or if it was online versus brick and mortar? Public versus private?

    Entering into a program is going to be pricey and I don't want to start something that is not going to pay off at the end. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   Shiner50
    UT Arlington is a traditional school! It is a major university, brick and mortar, and very well established. I got my first bachelors there, my sister got her bachelors and masters there, and my parents got their bachelors there back around 1970! I don't know much about entirely online programs in general, but UTA would be my first choice!
    Oh, and UTA also has an on-campus BSN program that has been around for as long as I can remember. I would much rather do an online program at a school that ALSO has an on-campus program.
    Good luck!