As a soon to be 2018 grad, when is a good time to start applying in Virginia?

  1. Hi all! Was just perusing a couple job sites out of excitement for my graduation in May and was wondering when people suggest applying for jobs. I've done some research on here before and saw that it varies between states and organizations.

    I wanted to see if there was anyone who would be familiar with the state of Virginia (The Hampton Roads area specifically) and the different hiring habits and policies here. I've seen a couple job listings for New Grads that start in February, before I graduate, but have also heard that in some states you can be hired on before graduation/passing NCLEX.

    Anyone out there have some insight?
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  3. by   llg
    I recommend contacting the Nurse Recruiters at the employers that most interest you and ask them what their time table is. They will probably tell you.

    A lot of hospitals (and at least some in Hampton Roads that I know of) will give "contingent job offers" to graduating seniors in their last semester. They will go through the application/interview process and receive a job offer "contingent on passing NCLEX by such-and-such a date." The job won't start until you pass the NCLEX and if you don't pass it by a certain date, the job is offered to somebody else.

    Also, will you be doing any sort of senior capstone experience? A lot of people in Hampton Roads use that opportunity to make connections and begin the application process. Some people consider those experiences to be just like an in-depth interview process.
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    I'm working on a Telemetry Stepdown unit all this year for school and am currently employed on a Vascular Stepdown unit as an NCP (Unlicensed Nursing Assistant), but neither are a specialty that I have a particular interest in.
    I'm aiming for an ED position after graduation.