Application Goof?

  1. Today I applied for a very competitive nurse residency program of which I have been working on the application for months. The job was supposed to be posted yesterday but HR said that they were updating information on the site and that it would open today. I applied as I saw the listing this morning which required me to submit an online application as well as email my supplemental application. The information that the recruiters were updating on the website included how to title your attachments. I followed these directions and labeled them accordingly. I submitted my email with the supplemental information and after sending realized that the website called for a specific subject line including your first name, last name and the words "supplemental application." I had put "New Graduate Nurse Residency Supplemental Application". I know this sounds silly, but did I just blow the whole application because I did not read the directions thoroughly enough or am I just making a mountain out of a mole hill? Do I call HR and admit that I goofed and ask them if they'd like me to resend my email with supplemental packet? This is my absolute dream job and I would be devastated to not be taken seriously because of this silly mistake. Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   nurse_flo_marie
    I can see you're really excited about the residency program. If it was an email submission, send another email with the correct subject. HR depts receive a lot of calls, and as a person who's worked in it, receiving certain calls may make your name stand out... but not in a favorable way.

    Good Luck!