1. I am a nurse at a hospital in Iowa, I don't want to get to specific right now in fear of losing my job. But I would like to get some information on union representatives I can contact to possibly get them into Iowa. My fellow coworkers and myself are sick and tired of administration dictating what goes on in the hospital and not taking our advice. We tell them our problems ie nurse/pt ratios, pt. safety, wages, etc. and they just turn their heads. All they care about is budgets and money, they advocate pt. care in their advertising but that is a bunch of crap. This needs to change and it seems like the only way is to unionize. Thanks
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  3. by   rncountry
    at present the California nursing organization and Mass. nursing organization are looking at forming a new national organization to compete with ANA. The new group would represent only staff nurses, not managers or educators. See this story at http://www.nursinghands.com/NewsStory.html/2772. On Nov. 9 the Mass. organization will vote about breaking from ANA, like Cal. did, If this materializes than I would think that would be an excellant resource for all of us. A National group outside of the ANA, that is focused on what is happening to bedside nursing. Perhaps in the meantime you could look for help from the California Nursing organization. I believe their web address is www.califnurses.org. Good Luck
  4. by   justanurse
    Now that could be an organization I could join and support. rncountry, the link didn't get to the article. I went to the home page and checked out a few sections, but couldn't find it. But, I'm putting that site on my favorites. It seems like a nice site, what I've seen so far.