That was close!

  1. I was having a really long day and towards the end of my 12hr shift i almost made the mistake of administering a tetanus vaccination intradermally. I guess it was because I've already given a administered a few PPD's. My coworker saved me wheb she noticed i grabbed the wrong medication. Now i cant stop thinking about what wouldve happened if i wasnt caught in time. So my question is what happens if a tetanus shot was given intradermally?
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  3. by   Elfriede

    Depends on the vaccine. - Different types on the market. - Read the leaflot and/or ask the manufacturer.
    Logically thought: The vaccination (worst case) just don´t works. It´s no chemotherapy or iron that destroies the skin.
  4. by   ruralnurse84
    Worst case actually could be that there's a huge infiltrate in that area. My friend actually had that happen to her in nursing school (meaning done to her, she didn't do it to a patient. She was getting both her flu shot and ppd done on the same day. The nurse who was administering both, gave her the flu shot intraderm and her arm was a huge painful mess for at least a week. So I am really glad that you didn't make the same mistake. From what I can remember the nurse who did this had 20 years of experience and I think ended up getting fired or at least suspended.