surgery fear PLEASE ANSWER ME

  1. I will undergo surgery, and I'm very scared to have general anesthesia (what will happen to me when I'm totally knocked out). The fear I have, is that the surgery will last between 1 1/2 to 2 hrs., and if I will have to empty my bladder, what will happen?, I'm asking this because I can't imagine to pee in the OR table! how embarrrassing. I go very often to the bathroom...Will I have a catheter? My doc nurse just told me not to worry, but she didn't answer my question!, please someone answer me!
    ANOTHER THING: how often do patients vomit or have nausea after a general anesthetic?
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  3. by   rjlrn95
    Yes, you will have a cath, usually put in after you are put to sleep but sometimes in the "holding room", this is the surg prep center.
    You must keep asking questions until they are answered. that is your patient right. About the nausea, usually you are given a
    prophlactic (sp) n/v med with your anesthesia med and there should be n/v meds ordered for your post op area. Good Luck and keep asking for answers, it is your body.
  4. by   CATHYW
    You didn't say when your surgery was scheduled. If you've already had it, I hope you are relieved, and that all went well. As the other posters have said, keep asking questions until you get answers that you can understand. In addition to having a catheter, you will also be NPO for several hours prior to the surgery, and one of the last things they have you do before you are taken to surgery is void. As I said, I hope all goes/went well for you.
  5. by   huckfinn
    Catheters are inserted based on surgeon preference and the procedure performed.
    If you are NPO MN and having surgery late the next day you will be "dry". Several liters of fluid will need to be put in to get you back to your normal voiding schedule.

    Try not to worry about peeing during surgery..... If you do pee, you won't know and your surgery team won't be offended.

    As far as fright goes...we might show some concern if you weren't scared. It is never pleasent to consider being cut upon. A little anxiety over this issue is a healthy reponse. Tell your anesthesia team you are scared. Ask for sedation. Just say yes to drugs. We have them for that purpose.

    What will happen when you are knocked out?
    You will be positioned for the procedure.
    You will be prepped with germ killing solution.
    You will be completely covered except fot the surgical site.
    Your procedure will be completed.
    You will wake up either in the OR or recovery room.
    You will receive pain medications until you are comfortable.
    You will either go to a post-op floor for an inpatient stay, or you will be discharged to home when you are safely managing your own protective defences (ie. airway, swallowing, blinking etc.).
    You will have a good experience. If so, tell everyone you encountered during your experience. They need to know they are doing things right.
    If you don' patient relations and have a talk with them. They can tell the folks who need to know that there was a problem.

    Be a good patient. Listen to pre and post op instructions. ASK QUESTIONS UNTIL YOU GET THE ANSWERS!

    Best wishes to you.
  6. by   analucia
    thank you for answering my questions.
    my surgery is schedule for october 17. I will have an Interstim Therapy implanted (is like a pacemaker to help my urge incontinence), that is why I asked this question. And because I allways get motion sickness if I'm not driving. I read that people that have motion sickness get nausea after general anesthesia.
  7. by   CATHYW
    Analucia, not true about the motion sickness and post op nausea thing. I used to be the motion sickness queen (before I moved to the mountains) but had surgery under general anesthesia twice, with no problems. Your anesthetist/anesthesiologist will also be able to help you with your concerns. Just tell them what concerns you, don't be bashful about asking questions, and you will pleasantly surprised when things turn out well!
    All the best to you-