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I have been assigned the task to determine what is the standard of how many IV attempts is appropriate for one nurse (ex. 2 attempts per patient is most common in my experience) anyone have any links... Read More

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    Originally posted by Retired Nurse
    Just say a quick prayer to St. Anthony. He helps find things. Including veins.
    It is funny you say that because a few of my colleagues like to start IV's on their knees and they always joke that their technique is to "pray" the angio into the vein!
    We usually follow the unofficial 2 stick rule as well although once in a while we might try three if we are sure we can get it on the third.
    When I was new at IV's I would only try once, no point in torturing someone with my inexperience! Now that I am pretty good at it I will usually go for two and will almost always get it in. I don't have as much success with neonates but they are a lot tougher.