Should nurses strike and Why not?

  1. I am to debate Why nurses should not strike for my RN nursing class Please send me all data which says no do not strike.
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  3. by   fergus51
    Just mumble some garbage about how this is a calling and our ultimate duty is to our patients and a strike would be abandonment. Say unions and strikes are "unprofessional". Lie and say that doctors never strike (They called it "withdrawing services" not "striking" when they did it here). Say we are just being greedy, 14 an hour is a great wage after 4 years of education. Say if nurses don't like their working conditions they should quit or move and you can always hire more even if the hospital offers poor wages and crappy working conditions.

    I think if you go back in the general discussion bb there is a post titled "would you strike" or "Would you cross a picket line" where plenty of nurses have spouted this propaganda.