RN- How do I get the most from CNA/s while not causing major conflict on the unit - page 4

:o I have been a Rehab nurse for approx 4 yrs, and take care of mostly stroke pt's. As a primary nurse I have multiple responsibilites for the care of our pt's. I have found it to be verry... Read More

  1. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    And btw why we are on this topic, none of my Cna's or Pct's would'nt dare to act this way torward any of my Rn's or Lpn's, because they know how I am as their nurse manager and supervisor, and if they acted this way they know their @sse$ would be written up so fast and disciplined so fast their heads would spin and I make this very clear to them all the time, so I feel for all of you all the time, also I feel that if an aide of mine was as disrespectfull and yelling at any of my nurses like some of the aides talked about in this post , I think in very blatant terms I would either dismiss/suspend-without-pay/terminate them immediately, I am serious as cancer if I found out one of my aides acted like this torwards any of my nurses, be it Rn or Lpn, as nurse manager I would feel obligated to terminate them immediately. Best wishes.Rod Rn, Bsn, Msn, Ed/Sicu Nurse manager
  2. by   sauconyrunner
    Its a tough thing to motivate CNA's. They are not paid well, have sometimes very heavy assignments (in so many ways, people are fat these days!), there is very little respect given to their job, etc.

    3 things that I have done that are painless, and generally easy and seem to have helped is to

    1. Thank you aide for whatever they have actually done. Tell them you really appreciate that they took Pt A to the bathroom
    or whatever. People like to be thanked.
    2. Ask the aide's advice on something. "I noticed Mr. J's appetite has really gone down. what do you think is going on?" The Aide may know that his family has not been visiting as often, or that he hates the last 3 meals with broccoli. THe Aide may not contribute anything of value, but you gave them an opportunity to share information and show them that you value their ideas. You don't have to act on any of this, but you can say "Oh thanks...I appreciate you sharing that idea with me"
    3. I try as much as possible to learn a little bit about the Aide's lives at home. This way I can ask, "How is your Dad doing? How are the kids....Did you see Dancing w/the stars? I just think so and so should have been thrown off- what do you think?
    But if this stuff does not produce results, YES...write their behinds up. You would not put up with a nurse doing that...why an aide?