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  1. I did a search to see if this had already been posted, but nothing came up--(my apologies if it has). Anyway, this sounds very cool! I just wish it would be on TV instead of online only..........

    First Travel Nurse Reality Show Announces Cast Members
    "13 WEEKS" Follows Six Travel Nurses in Southern California

    Access Nurses, a national travel nurse company, today announced the six cast members for the first reality show about travel nurses -- highly skilled healthcare professionals who
    travel the country working at hospitals with acute needs for 13 weeks at a time.

    With over 26,000 votes cast, and more than 100 applicants, visitors to
    chose the following six cast members to live in a mansion in Orange Country and experience the attractions and excitement of a Southern California lifestyle,
    as well as a very intense and challenging hospital work environment. Taping has begun, with the show's debut scheduled for November online at

    Alycen Skorvonek
    Age: 48
    Specialty: Emergency Room
    Activities: Surfing, professional chef
    Nursing background: As an EMT, Alycen was never able to establish the bond with her patients in a way that she saw with her nursing peers. Finally making the transition to nursing was not easy. In Los Angeles, she was shot in the crossfire between rival gang members -- but heroically returned to work the next day.

    Amy Morrison
    Age: 32
    Specialty: L&D
    Activities: Milking goats on a Gentlemen's Farm, competitive ballroom dancing Nursing background: An all-American farm girl, Amy followed in her grandmother's footsteps and became a nurse. Travel nursing allowed her to break free from her small-town background and see America.

    Angelena Johnson
    Age: 44
    Specialty: Emergency Room
    Activities: Raising her son
    Nursing background: Angelena worked during the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. She was on her way to meet a friend at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and would have been in the building when the bombing occurred had her son not forgotten a book and missed the bus. Her friend did not survive the bombing.

    Emily Seay
    Age: 32
    Specialty: Emergency Room Activities: Playing traditional Irish music in pubs Nursing background: Emily has worked in remote Indonesian villages using helicopters, fishing boats and watercraft to establish mobile clinics and provide relief after the devastating tsunami of 2004.

    Nick Shields
    Age: 24
    Specialty: Intensive Care Unit
    Activities: Enjoying football, auto racing, playing pool, bowling, working out
    Nursing background: At age 16, Nick was in a car accident that tore his aorta, broke both legs and arms, collapsed a lung, and caused internal bleeding in his stomach. He spent six months in the hospital before being released. A year later, Nick's brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer and spent several months in the hospital. It was then that Nick decided to enter nursing as a way to give back to the profession.

    Ron Coronado
    Age: 36
    Specialty: Intensive Care Unit
    Activities: Volunteering at camps for children with heart disease, stints on "General Hospital" and "The Bold and the Beautiful" Nursing background: Ron serves as nurse manager at a non-profit AIDS clinic in Hollywood and works at UCLA's hospital on the weekends.

    About 13 WEEKS

    The show, 13 WEEKS, will focus on the lives of six travel nurses relocated to Southern California from all over the country -- including a very intense and challenging hospital work environment, the excitement of exploring Southern California, and the demands of living with five new roommates. Some of the nurses also will have personal development goals for the 13 WEEKS. Filming will occur inside hospitals, inside the mansion and on pre-planned events. The show will be comprised of 13 WEEKS of episodes, as well as a background piece on each of the six nurses. Each episode will be five to seven minutes
    in length and there will be multiple episodes per week.

    By showcasing the exciting and rewarding lifestyle that travel nursing offers, Access Nurses hopes the show will encourage more people to join the nursing profession. The United States Department of Labor predicts that the country will have over 600,000 unfilled nursing positions by the year 2020.
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