1. I have a concern that I need help with. I just went back to my old L&D job after a two year break. Before then I had 1 1/2 years experience in L&D. When I left, I left the hospital scene completely and did not have anymore experience with ivs, 2wfs, etc. Well, I decided to go back and I did the interview with the new nurse manager. When I was in the hospital orientation on the second day (it is usually 4-5 days), the nurse manager called me up and wanted me to start on the floor the next day. I asked her would I be with someone since I have not had the experience in awhile and she said yes. The next day she was not working and no one knew what I was suppose to be doing. I paged her and left a message but when she called back she did not speak to me not even when the other nurse told her I called. I was told by the CN to go back downstairs for the hosp orientation. Well the NM did come in that day and I spoke with her (I went back to the unit to get my things and she was there). She said that she did not know that I was going to need the "full orientation" and for me to get back with her for she had to update the orientation manual. Well the day I was to report back, she still wasn't there. I precepted with a nurse but I checked the schedule and I was scratched off the next day and not on there for any other days. The next day I asked the CN bcause the NM was still not there if I could come in the next few days. I was told "Well we thought that you were going to be able to pick up where you left off so the chief nurse wants to talk to you"
    Am I wrong for wanting to have some sort of re-orientation to the unit after a break? I know that in the real world you sink or swim but I feel that in l&d time is of the essence. The unit has been remodeled and the hospital had document changes and everything. I expected a rough time on the unit bcause they have had a huge turnover in the past months-year. Almost all of the nurses I worked with left (most have been there for 5+ years). From what I heard from a good many it was "management issues". Well now I am waiting for the Chief to clock in so I can call her. I kind of know what to expect. I went back to l&d because I missed it but now I don't want to be there. I just hate to keep job hopping. I guess that I am still trying to find me.
    What would you do?
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  3. by   MacunaRN
    You are right trust your instinct you have been gone longer than you worked as an RN if you feel you need to orient then you need to orient..Don't do anything that will risk your license.. You were honest about your time away let them deal with it and if they have a problem just goes to show you they are more interested in having you out there than having you practice safely and comfortably and that is somewhere that may not be where you want to work.. Good Luck and at therisk of sounding cliche everything happens for a reason. :spin:
  4. by   twrn03
    Well I called the chief but she wasn't in so I left a message. Then it got deeper. A nurse recruiter I have never spoken with called me and asked what I needed orientation to. I told her that although I did not need a new graduate orientation of 3 months I did need a re-orient. of the unit and l&d stuff (nothing big just a review). I believe they think that I am incompentent because all I keep hearing is that she doesn't even know how to do ivs. I have been hearing that I am being talked about while I am not there. I do know how to I just need a refresher on ivs (but not the whole lesson and a dummy to practice on). I don't need 3 months but maybe a few days or week. They didn't even want to give me a half of day. I told the recruiter that if they feel that I am not a fit for the unit then to let me know. I really don't think I want to work where they don't feel that anyone that has been off the unit for a while doesnt need some form of retraining. She said that she will call me back (I guess after some investigating). But however it goes, I am back on the job hunting stroll.Hate to do it but what choices do I have? Even if I transferred to another unit (which I can't because I have not been there long enough), I feel that this reputation will follow me. And I know that once I quit I won't be able to come back to this hospital.
  5. by   twrn03
    Well its Friday now. I had to call the nurse recruiter back and ask her if there was a decision made. I was told to report Monday to the post partum unit to orient with the unit secretary on putting things in the computer-mind you that l&d has an unit secretary. What is the deal? I think its a set up.
  6. by   pacunurse12
    you are intitled to orientation just like everybody else. In the medical profession things change everyday L&D is a scary place anyway..people are always looking to sue. If you had jumped in and said " I know it all' then I could see their concern being too comfortable is cause to worry. Stick to your beliefs and always refer back to policy and you will be fine and if they dont want you then take your good services elsewhere, you're above their standards anyway..