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  1. How embarrassing..

    So I really didn't think too much of it, until I gave it some more thought. 6 days ago, while at work, I was removing a hep-lock. Somehow, blood splattered on my eyelid. I took my contacts out and rinsed my eyes with water. I really wasn't 100% sure I even got anything in there. Well, it was end of shift and I am new at this facility. I am PRN and have been cancelled so I haven't been back since then. So this has really started to worry me the last couple days. What if I did get something in my eye? I have a family, I need to be good for myself before I can be good for them. After confiding in another nurse, I called the supervisor and explained all this to her. DON is gone for the day and will get back to me tomorrow. I'm sure I will get blood drawn and prophylaxis meds. I guess I'm just looking for advice here. Anyone been through an exposure? Do you think things like this happen quite frequently? Could I get fired for this since I did wait almost a week to even say anything? The patient has no history of Hep or HIV. Patient had surgery for a Subdural Hematoma. Are patients always tested prior to surgical procedures? Anyway...

    I feel silly, and embarrassed. Know I won't wait if it ever happens again....
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  3. by   JZ_RN
    Patients are not ever tested usually unless they display symptoms. I don't think they can fire you, but if you're in a "right to work" (AKA employees = slaves) facility or state, you might be disciplined or terminated. It's best to always report ANY exposure, even just a possible exposure.