Pharmacy oversight with Heparin gtts, and use of Heparin Nomograms?

  1. So I was at the monthly pharmacy and therapeutics meeting this month where I represent Crit Care nursing and the patient safety rep stated:
    1. that she thought pharmacy needed to start overseeing the PTTs for heparin drips much like they review PT/INRs for coumadin dosing and
    2. that heparin nomograms are not good for patient safety (this was after I stated that I did not think pharmacy oversight of PTTs was necessary as there is already oversight by two parties, the bedside nurse and the house medical officer and we follow a standardized nomogram that was at some point approved by pharmacy)
    So she is looking at this from a "WWJD" (What Would JCAHO Do) standpoint.
    I dont agree with her and am looking for back up.
    Who out there works at a hospital that 1. does or doesnt have pharmacy oversight of heparin drips, and/or 2. does or doesnt use heparin nomograms.
    I am interested in responses from both crit care and floor nurses....any feedback would be great....THANK YOU!!!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    institute for safe medication practices has info re this issue.

    here's one link:
    double-checks for endogenous and exogenous errors

    search their website for heparin and you will have much ammo for your next meeting.