Patients on suicide precautions-what is your facility's policy? - page 2

I work for a small hospital. We have a general med/surg floor with 32 beds and a 4 bed ICU. Every once in awhile, we get a patient who has attempted suicide. Usually these patients are medically... Read More

  1. by   RNforLongTime
    In my hospital, since our in patient Psych unit closed in May, we have been seeing a lot of OD suicide attempt patients on my unit. We have a policy that says the patient is a 1:1 observation until cleared by the psychiatrist. The 1:1 observation is done by a nursing assitant. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Sometimes the pt is admitted first to our ICU--depending on how the patient is doing medically--then transferred out to my unit --a 30 bed medical telemetry/respiratory unit.