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  1. Hi there, I am new to this BB but find it very informative. I have not worked in the hospital for over 3 1/2 years, but feel that non-hospital based nurses like myself need to show some solidarity with our hospital based colleagues.
    Until recently, I was doing case management on tech dependent kids. My parents were generally happy with hospital based care if their kids were in the ICU's but if it was a general floor, the horrifying anecdotes would fly. More than one mother told me that orientation to the unit included being shown the linen closet and supply room so that you could feed and change your child's bed. This was a hospital I formerly worked at and I was heartsick. Most mothers said their children didn't get fed unless they did it (that is certainly the implication of the orientation walk...)
    My personal rule, held now for 7 or so years, is that if you have a family member in the hospital and want them to get good care, be there to give it.
    All this said, I believe nurses are overwhelmed and inundated and not "evil." This is why we need to show solidarity with our nurse colleagues. However, we non-hospital types need to know the goods and this is a good bb to learn that my hunches and suspicions are probably correct.
    Hospital nurses face higher than ever acuities on general floors and fewer support systems.
    BTW, I have heard that medicare hospital reimbursements are scheduled to drop even further and this bodes ill for hospitalized patients, since this will trim hospital profit margins even further.
    Nurses must speak out.
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