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  1. Graduating this spring and faxed my resume to a Arizona hospital and they have indicated I may qualify for their new grad program...I don't have the package yet but it seems it is a 6 week program and then full time work after that....I am a Canadian student with lots and lots of clinical hours-we do tons of hours- approx 1600 hours over 3 years.
    Can anyone tell me if they know about these programs and if they can recommend them or not?

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  3. by   hollykate
    Well, it depends on the program. I don't know what it entails. Being from Canada, you may benefit from the extra time to see the differences between there and the states -I work with a few Canadians and they seem to feel there are some practice differences (dont know specifics? alot to do with cares done for pt etc). Also it may give you some extra time to get to know the hospital, get to learnt he computer system, etc. The extra time is helpful for any new person. SOme hospitals offer new grad programs which are not didactic, check out the differences in what is being offerred everywhere before you decide it isn't for you. In addition- generally they will want a new grad to go through a new grad program, if it is boring, well, you are still getting paid for it.