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I'm doing a research about "named nurse". At first,I wondered what is all about,what does it mean? I found out that it is based on the concept of primary nursing and team nursing but in different... Read More

  1. by   faithful servant
    As a Renal Nurse (hemodialysis), I am a Named Nurse to 6 of our 90+ patients in our unit here in Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich, Suffolk, England. According to my experience, I would like everyone to know that as a Named Nurse I am responsible first upon admission of the patient with all the documentations which includes the different care pathways or nursing care plans according to patients needs, medications (making sure that all are updated according to their condition), any changes will be written down in the diary by the nurse on duty for my attention as a named nurse. Relaying to the patients all their monthly blood results (per unit protocol) and it's significance. In our unit, we don't have an associate nurse, in my absence, whoever the nurse on duty on that day will be the one responsible for following up any new orders (drugs, procedures), and then to always document on the handover section in our computers any significant details about the patient, so that whenever I report back for duty, I would be able to know and amend myself personally all that needs to be done. One important role for me as well is to liase with other health care professionals such as doctors, dietitians, counsellor or social workers and other nurses in the unit. It is really a very challenging role but very satisfying as a humble servant.