IV Fentanyl use on Med/Surg Unit - page 4

I am wondering if anyone out there has concerns about the use of IV fentanyl on a general med/surg unit for pain. We have been debating this issue in our hospital for months. Physicians are... Read More

  1. by   nursebonkers
    In case anyone hasn't noticed it is the hospital administration made up of doctors, nurses and various others' who agree and compose hospital policy and procedures. If you know your institutions policy and follow it, then you are covered by "respondeat superior" in a court of law.
  2. by   nursebonkers
    Let me tell you what isn't prudent. The fact that nurses are forced to take care of more and more patients, who are sicker and moving quicker through the system every day. 30 years ago the ICU patients of today would have been dead. The med/surg patient today is the ICU patient of the past. TOO MANY PATIENTS =====SHODDY HOSPITAL STAFFING