Help to novice, please...

  1. Greetings All Nurses !
    I`ve just started to find job in US(I am foreign educated nurse).And have no idea what I should include in my resume,`couse never did it before..
    I`ve been working in ICU/CCU - 4 years,
    ER - 2 years...What does resume should include ??What details?
    I would appriciate any tips, recommendations,advices concerning finding job and resume..

    Thank you in advance for yours kindly shared expirience.
    Have a day !!
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  3. by   MollyJ
    I did a search and found this web site and then click on resumes and cover letters on the left-hand side of the screen

    Good luck. There are also commercial services that will help you assemble a resume. If I had a decent computer and printer, I wouldn't even consider this but it may be worth it if you don't know what goes in a resume and how to make it look nice on your 'puter. Also nursing is such a tight market that a nicely put together resume is a very positive sign about you BUT your employer isn't going to be searching through a pile of 100 resumes trying to figure out which ones to interview: you're not going to be depending on your resume SO MUCH to be the one thing that gets you an interview. Now that said, a poorly put together resume that makes no sense, has poor syntax, spelling, punctuation may take you off the list, too.

    If you know ANY nurses, particularly who are high enough on the food chain that they have participated in interviews, show them the resume and see what they say about it. there are supervisory nurses at this web site and they may be kind enough to tell you what they want to see in the resume.

    In academia, I saw resumes/curricula vitae that went on for 30 pages or more (listing all publications and presentations) but in the business world, they want brevity we are told. I've heard keep your resume to 1, max 2, pages. Mine is two, but I am old so I am entitled.

    One thing that they probably won't address in a resume site that you need to know is that I was told to put my nursinglicensure number(s) right up there with my name and address information at the top of the page.

    Good luck.

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