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Today at work, i was assessing a pt's skin and noticed an approx 3-4cm bruise with raised, palpable hematoma at her deltoid. I asked, "what happened here?" and she said, "the other nurse gave me that... Read More

  1. by   Baddmedicine
    Aww, BigMar, I truly apologize, for I didn't make myself clear. My comments weren't directed at you, as you were asking for other opinions. If you were someone who always ran to a manager, you would've done that first and never come to a forum for advice. Obviously, you would chart what you observed and what the patient said. How you handled it from there would depend on the approachability of the nurse responsible. Since you didn't see the actual injection, the only thing you know for sure is that the site was wrong. It would be a teachable moment and one the other nurse isn't likely to forget. It would also be an opportunity for her to clean up after herself. If she doesn't want to take responsibility for any of it, then you have to decide from there how to handle it. I'm certainly not suggesting that you cover it up but it's nice when we are allowed to have the opportunity take care of our mistakes. If she is ethical, she will self report but will also have already initiated a plan of action to avoid the error in the future.
    Please accept my apologies...
    As we support and care about our sister nurses, self reporting becomes less threatening and more of a learning experience. Nurses have a tendency for some reason to eat their own. When we develop rapport with other nurses, they become excellent resources.
  2. by   PJROR
    I guess I work in a facility were often patients say one thing and it is another. Depending on the cognitive ability of the patient depends on how I would approach the situation. Patients with dementia etc can tell you some odd things. Also is it possible she had another injection there of something else. You may want to check your MAR. I am not sure if I would jump to conclusions. I know you have to cover your butt but you canget into legal hot water to if you accuse and have no hard evidence.