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  1. by   kids
    Quote from LPN2BSN
    And believe me...my decision was a very difficult one to make. But with a well documented family history of reactions (My brother to DPT, me, and my brother in law to MMR) I think I am pretty justified in not vaccinating. I dare anyone to tell me they wouldn't do the same in my position.
    I wanted to say my post was in no way directed towards your decision to not vaccinate. I agree 100% that a familial history of severe reactions is a good reason to consider each vaccines before administering.
    BTW (and I definately not pushing at you on this) are you aware that all of the multi-vaccines are available individually? They are not that difficult for a Ped to obtain from County HD.

    I always include the disclaimer "standards at the time" when it comes to my childrens vaccinations. None of my 3 had the Hep B (my oldest has since had the series)...I do not convert the vaccine and neither does the father of the 2 younger kids, our Ped (and an ID doc) agreed it was probably a waste of time as they are most likely non-converters also.