ethics of holy water and Islam - page 3

We are nursing a Muslim lady with a diagnosis of permanent vegetative state, Today a Nurse interupted her sister pouring a substance into a jug of water used to provide flushes down her peg. The... Read More

  1. by   heron
    I don't disagree ... I just wonder at a federal case being made out of water that's considered "holy" requiring all this analysis and orders and coverage of butts, when the water we use everyday isn't. Just seems like overkill.

    And in 40 years in the industry, the only time I've seen water being tested has been when there's actually been an outbreak of waterborne illness in the hospital. There may be "protocols" but I suspect they're honored mainly in the breach,

    The OP did not describe a cow-dung pack or a parenteral infusion ... it was water going into a g-tube.