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  1. Third times a charm; right? WRONG
    Tonight was the third time I was assigned to care for the pt from HE double hockey sticks.
    I was a good girl. I never screamed. I did as I was told. However, this woman is heinous. There is no other word for it. Sure, Jesus loves her. And I'm sure everybody else does too, but I have never met another person this freaking MEAN.

    And no, I am not an evil, horrible person.
    And yes I did everything I could possibly think of for her.
    I met the demands.

    I am just curious. Has anyone else ever tried to care for a patient that just won't be satisfied; a pt that is downright mean.

    I am sure they have. The question is will they share the misery with the group
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  3. by   kmaryniak
    Well, TN, I think that we can all relate. I had this grumpy old man, with COPD (big surprise). I worked nights, and took care of 16 patients. He was ALWAYS in my assignment, for about 2 months (he was end-stage). He always complained, commented on the inability and stupidity of nurses. Threw a couple of things at people, too. Finally, one night he told me he wanted to complain to the charge nurse. I was in charge. I let him vent, then told him that enough was enough. I couldn't believe it, but after a 30 minute conversation, I actually discovered that he was afraid of dying. Not because of death itself, but because he had many unresolved issues with his daughter. After that, he was still grumpy and a jerk at times, but improved. We also tracked down his daughter, and they were able to make some improvement to their relationship. So, maybe there is hope after all?
    I had no idea my step mother was in the hospital and you were taking care of her. Im so sorry. Shes the meaniest woman I know and no matter what you do for her its not to standards.

    Jokes aside: Let me tell you a story about her.
    My step mother was admitted with cardiac problems, Admitted to the CVICU. She was cathed and recovering nicely, no problems at all just due to other issues she was in the CVICU for other monitoring as well. I worked on the floor at the time, I got a page , the number was CVICU, my heart went to the floor all I could think about when I was dialing the number was oh crap, and listened for the overhead call of a code... When I got her nurse on the phone, she was in tears... which freaked me even more.. I told her I was on my way... Ran down to the unit. Out of breathe from flying down 5 floors in the stairwell, I get there and there she is in all of her glory throwing what had to be a perfect display of a 3 yr old classic tantrum. She had thrown things at the nurse, called her every name but the one her mother gave her and was just down right cruel to anyone that had given care to her since she returned from the cath. I checked to see what was wrong, went straight into her little glass room and just ask straight out WTH is your problem. They wont let me up to go smoke, well DUH your clamped to the bed, your in for cardiac problems and your choice to kill yourself isnt within thier spectrum of care. I chewed her up one side and spit her out the other for treating ANYONE that way, and told her that if she contiued I would get clearence from my father to sedate her but until she went home., because it was unfair for her to treat anyone the way she treated people. Then she actually told me that her nurse said mean things to her and wrinched her arm while she was taking care of her. (I know that nurse like the back of my hand) I told her to show me where she wrinched her skin and questioned what was said, again nothing.... which ticked me off more.... I chewed her up and spit her out again. We called the dr got her a nicotine patch, some sedation, and I promised and appologized in every way shape and form to the entire staff in the unit. Left them all my pager number if they had any problems. I spoke to the house supervisor and explained what was going on and told her everything I did. I have never been so embarrassed for being associated with that woman even if it be marriage. Next day she was transferred out of the unit and to my floor until she was released . She wrote me a nasty nasty evaluation and turned it personally to my head nurse which is fine, I wasnt her nurse while she was on my floor so big deal, plus my head nurse knew what was going on. There is nothing more embarrassing in a family member acts like they have no training what so ever, what makes it even worse, Shes a retired RN.
  5. by   nursbee04
    I had a pt. in clinical who was a nightmare! I feel bad saying that but...she just was!! A/o x3, early 40's, horrible language, refused personal care, no modesty whatsoever. Nothing I did was good enough for her. Really disliked the way this woman acted, but when she got d/c'd, she told me I'd make a real good nurse one day. Go figure
  6. by   burntnurse
    i for one do not think anyone should have the right to abuse anyone else and beleive me i am the most tolerant nurse in the world and usually give the patient every benifit of the doutb but if a patient is a/o and verbally abusive i feel we have the right to refuse to take it. if only "the profession" saw it that way. did you know that there has been a law enacted in massachusetts or rhode island that makes is a felony to assault a nurse? isn't it a felony for any person to assault another? what are we, galactic visitors?
    how about being verbally abused by a fellow nurse? i am an agency nurse and one evening i worked with another agency nurse (not from my agency) whom i'd never met before. he was charge and made sure i did most of the work all night. that i could deal with but when i finally said politly that enough was enough, he went off like a roman candle! f...ing this and f...ing that. he yelled that i had been an "f...ing smarta.. all night". i had hardly spoken to him i was too busy. he was totally out of control. luckily it was end of shift and so i knew enough to say little and just put my coat on and walked out. as i walked away he shouted "you're a f...ing *****". he really frightened me. i'm curious as to what i should have done about him. any suggestions?
  7. by   sassynurse78
    I once cared for the most hatefull, manipulative lady in the world. Her husband and family were just as bad. She was always reporting that I yelled at her, but could never say what about. Her husband was always up yelling at the charge nurse because he was not going to let me treat his wife that way. He would have me fired and was reporting me to all the proper licensing agencies etc. Of course I never yelled at her not once. Nothing ever came of it, but I was never in my life madder then that. She also accused some cna's of being abusive to her, but of course had no bruises or marks to prove it, basically she just wanted her family to take her home AMA. I never was so glad to see a pt go home in my entire life. Verbal abuse, physical abuse are serious charges, if the staff wasn't so close then her accusations could have easily had us defending ourselves with our word against hers. I don't know how anybody could lie like that.
  8. by   Gromit
    Yeah, I have a suggestion. You need to find out what agency he worked for (if you don't know). You then need to detail the language he used. There is NO excuse for a "professional" to use that kind of language or behavior in a hospital environment. The agency needs to be notified, and the hospital should be notified. Otherwise, you played it smart. In an argument, none win, and by just letting it go and leaving, you made sure that everyone else knew who the a-hole really was (doubt there was any doubt, though. Most staff are far more observant than they are given credit for.