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  3. by   gitterbug
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    2. I like nothing about the actual charting. Do appreciate looking up labs a
    little quicker.
    3. Have not found an advantage.
    4. Every nurse I ever worked with hated the system.
    5. Eye strain, neck strain, and cramping muscles in back and hands are big
    problems. Too few puters for staff also an issue. Afterall, these are
    cost cutting measures so too few puters is just another way to make us
    miserable, increase out load, and treat us less than professional.
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  4. by   oMerMero
    I use the Care Connection program for charting as well as physician orders. It has been in place longer than I have worked at the hospital. Prior to that, I used Emtek. Emtek has mutiple names, but I can't think of the other ones off hand.

    I absolutely love the physician order entry. There is no more wasted time trying to figure out what the hand writing says. I also don't have to search for the chart to check new orders, they are right there on the computer. Med orders are also processed alot faster through pharmacy. There is no wait for them to recieve the paper order.

    The switch from paper to computer takes some time to get used to. It is a learning process that takes time and practice. I can actually chart alot faster with the computer than I could with paper. Nurses who have limited computer skills had a very difficult time with the switch. The only complaint I have heard about the computer taking about from patient care is in the first few weeks of the switch to the computer. The charting takes longer than it should at first, which limits the amount of time you have with your patients. Ideally, the hospital has extra people working at this time, but that is not always the case.

    I have not heard about any health issues/injuries from the computer use.

    I absolutely love computerized charting!
  5. by   SteveNNP
    We use McKesson CareManager in our hospital....

    I like being able to quickly chart and pull my vitals off the monitors directly into the computer system.

    I wasn't around when the hospital switched, so I can't help you there

    Unaware of any problems/injuries

    I like it pretty well. It could be a little more streamlined in my opinion....

  6. by   mamalle
    Medhost and we all hate it! I feel tied to the computer and still cant figure out how its saving me time.