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  1. by   laurakoko
    This has been very interesting reading all the articles about HCA. I have been an employee at an HCA facility in Louisiana since 1998. I have some good views, and some not so good. I am now PRN, since changing my status from full time about 8 months ago. The incentive for PRN employment is outrageous, in opt NOT to use agency staffing. They are shucking out the $ for PRN, which is good to use staff nurses instead of agency.. however, I don't think any of the FT employees get much of this benefit. I guess that is one of the pros, and one of the cons I have. Plus a few more....
  2. by   lyceeboo
    Quote from TinyNurse
    I'm on a travel assignment at an HCA hospital now. I'm finishing my contract and I am outta there!!!
    The entire hospital seems to be staffed with "all abouters" ( from HCA's own staffing company) They don't even hesitate to put agency nurses in charge positions.
    Bad experience, but learning experience..... I'm sure this can happen at any hospital or company though.
    xo Jenni
    I worked for Columbia/HCA from 1998-2000 in a hospital near Denver, CO. They hired me as a new grad RN for a hugh $!3.00/hour. (It sad but I didn't realize my knowledge and hard work was worth sooo much more.) I worked 7p-7a and was usually the only staff RN on noc...the other noc nurses were on travel assignments. And, like TinyNurse said, the charge was usually a travel nurse. That is waaaay too much responsibility to dump on a travel nurse who is not familiar with the equipment and facility protocols!!! I'll never forget the night one of the travelers attached a gomco suction directly to the suction machine. She forgot that she needed to attach the suction hose to a collection container. The stomach contents were ssplashed all over the suction machine and all over the room. Yuuck! Too bad they didn't just spend a few extra dollars to give this nurse a decent orientation. Talk about a toxic managment!

    They also fired all of the highly competent LPN's that had put in many years at our hospital. They were demoted to CNA's with no hope of ever getting a raise. The Nurse Manager made this annoncement at a staff meeting in front of everybody, without an ounce of compassion or respect for these loyal competent professionals.

    HCA has ino interest in maintaining the basic human dignity of it's employees. In short, they don't support thier nurses. They are all about greed and protecting themselves at the expense of thier nurses. If you must work for them CYA at all times and get your own NSO policy.