CNA/Patient Ratio Laws - page 3

Is there a CNA/Pt ratio law in your state? To my knowledge, there is not one here in NC. I'm currently in nursing school, and have opted not to get my CNA certification back due to poor work... Read More

  1. by   Reesa23
    I've been a CNA and I have not worked in a nursing home in over 10 years. This thread brings back horrible memories for me. I saw some HORRIBLE things and I'll never work in a nursing home as a CNA ever again. I'd rather work at burger king or Mcdonalds. It's about the same pay and insurance benifits anyways and your exposed to alot less.
  2. by   Mirai Kangofu
    Wow, I though I had it bad. My facility is a very highly ranked one, but that's because the assisted living and retirement home for Catholic preists are wonderful, not the regular nursing home. On my floor, there are about 50 residents, 2 nurses, and idealistically 5 CNAs that usually end up being 3. At least the place is clean, but I'm waiting for another job so I can make about 50% more than my current $6.90/hr paychecks. After I become a nurse, I doubt that I'd be able to do LTC.
  3. by   lill_darlin
    I'm working in a nursing home for the time being. 3rd shift crew is wonderful, but it is burning us out. we have over 100 residents and some nights only 2 cna's. Corporate wont do anything to help. Complaints have been made to the state but as usual it gets covered up. The company pulls cna's from 3rd to cover on first and second so it looks good to the state and then our residents have to suffer because only 2 people are working 3rd. when you have over 50 people each to tend to and call lights are going off like christmas tree lights, it makes a person angry. What can we do.? We deserve better and the residents deserve better.
    We are told not to let the family know we are working short. I think they can see that for their self. If only state would come in on 3rd shift and talk to cna's without management looking over their shoulders.