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  1. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1991. I have an associate degree. I feel totally overwhelmed at the amount of paperwork required by my facility these days. It seems all of this paperwork is done so that there is documentation to prove that the patients are getting quality care. It seems to me that it is specifically the paperwork that is preventing better quality care. I spend so much time writing that I have to rush throught my initial rounds just to get a jump on the paperwork before some crises occurs and I have to stop. My memory is not perfect and then I am afraid I am going to forget some important fact that needs to be charted. I love taking care of patients. I do not like the paperwork. I know there is not much I can do about this but I am seriously considering a career change if I cannot get some relief from the stress. Any suggestions?? I feel as though there is a big standard to be perfect. Perfect patient care and perfect charting. Help! Another issue that concerns me is that the only way I feel I am judged to be a good nurse or not it by my charting ( which is very good ) and not by my actual nursing abilities (which are better). How do I balance the two and not go crazy at the same time?
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    Zoloft is your answer!

    Seriously, we are all feeling the pinch these days. Check out the Concerned Nurses Group on HospitalHub's BB. Together we can make enough noise to be heard! We are trying to do something about just what you are talking about. Join us and be heard!

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