Body Plastination Exhibits

  1. What do ya'll think about body plastination as a form of art? Creeps me out a little bit. Sounds like there are alot more people willing to be displays than organ donors.
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  3. by   purplemania
    some people just like to be on exhibit
  4. by   altomga
    I think that it is creepy yes, but amazing at the same time. The organ donor thing does bother me, but hopefully a lot of the "participants" would not be appropiate organ donors...know what I mean.

    I had seen a television show on this once and it is really neat how they do it...and the exhibit displays would help "learning" people in the medical field. How many times did we say..
    If we could only see it for real??

    Anyway, each his own..I just hope people stop to think they could save a life before agreeing to be a display.
  5. by   Shamrock
    I'd like to see it in person. Looks pretty neat.
  6. by   EricTAMUCC-BSN
    I think it makes a pretty cool medical model as well. It's like human taxadermy! wild stuff.
  7. by   Dixen81
    I think it's pretty neat. I'd like to see it. The skin was kind of creepy, though.