Nursing in Israel


Hi all,

I'm finishing up my BSN program in Massachusetts, but I would love LOVE LOVE to make aliyah/move to Israel.

Here's the thing, though -- I have my heart set on NP school at SOME point, even if not immediately. What would make most sense... finish the MSN and then go..? Try and do it there..? What does advance practice nursing look like there?

And I'm also a bit intimidated by the Hebrew fluency requirement that the Misad haBriut has in place.

Anyone have any thoughts? Experiences? I'd love to hear!


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I lived in Israel for 12 years and to the best of my knowledge, nurse practitioners don't exist in Israel.

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Thanks @DreamerMW ! :-) good to know -- how recently were you there..? I'm hoping it's changed (though to be honest if I were forced to chose between the MSN and being "b'aretz", I know which way I'd go and it's not to academia!).


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I lived there up until 7 years ago, but I have lots of family there so I go pretty often. I think I read a while back that they're allowing nurse practitioners thy were educated in other countries to practice in nursing homes, but there are no NP programs currently in place. Good luck!