Nursing in IR department


I'd like to get some feedback from any IR or cath lab nurses who are managed by a radiology tech. What is the normal hierarchy for these departments? Do you have a nurse to answer to? Also, are you a secondary part of the department (like an afterthought) or are you an equal with the rad techs? I am trying to affect some change in my department and I'd like to know if I'm just going to spin my wheels since these departments (or possibly just mine) are so tech oriented.

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Sorry you haven't gotten a response yet.

Nursing care MUST be under the direction of the Chief Nursing Officer -- in order to comply with CMS & JC regulations. Soooo - nurses who work in specialty areas (that are outside the areas under the control of the CNO) have to have a two-part supervision. Their day-to-day work (attitude, appearance, attendance, etc) is managed by the department manager but the "nursing care" must be managed & evaluated by a qualified nurse manager.

Most facilities do this with a matrix-type arrangement. You would be invited to participate in any activities that are intended to establish & maintain the organization's nursing standards (Quality, policy, task forces, etc) so that you have a solid connection to Nursing and are aware of the rights & responsibilities of nursing staff. Your (non nursing) supervisor would have to have the "qualified nurse manager" complete the part of your annual eval that pertains to nursing practice.

It's do-able.