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  1. Hello everyone, so I got offered 2 positions as a new grad rn, and I chose to work in pcu. Now, the HR lady made it clear that I got hired (they gave me a benefits sheet, and an 'at will' contract, kept my nursing portfolio info I brought with me to the interview), but I didn't sign the contract at first cause she told me I have time to decide which area I want to go in.

    A day after the interview (last friday), I called her and made my decision, and she put my name down for working in the pcu. I live 3 hrs away, so I couldn't go to the hospital (I plan to move soon) And then she told me that she'll send me an email either today or tuesday with the official employment papers and files... I haven't seen any emails today, so I'm hoping that I'll get the email tomorrow, because I don't feel like I'm in the 'safe zone' until I get the official papers of employment

    So I was hoping to get some input/advice about how long I should wait before I call HR again? What if I don't get the email tomorrow? I don't want to keep calling them, but I'm fearful that even though I got 'hired', they're going to forget me or something..
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    Still haven't heard anything back. I can only *HOPE* that they're checking on my references and the other information I had. Why would I receive an offer letter and benefits if I wasn't to be hired? But I wished they'd at least let me know. Just tell me flat out 'it'll take us at least a week' instead of making it sound like I should be expecting something within the next two business days...