To call or not to call??

  1. I am a new graduate RN and I had my second interview at a fairly big hospital on the family birthing unit. I really want this job- I love the hospital and have always wanted to be on the family birthing unit. I did send a thank you letter after the interview. I recieved a call from HR about 2 weeks ago saying that they are unable to get ahold of a couple of my references. So I proceeded by calling them and having them call HR. I got really excited thinking -they don't check references usually unless they want to hire you-. The unit director who interviewed me said if I don't hear anything by a certain date to contact a certain person (I'll use the name George) in HR and they'll get ahold of her. HR called me a day before the date she said that I should call so I figured I'd wait. I called HR 2 days later to make sure they got my references and she said yes and said that George will get ahold of me in the next day or two. I didn't hear anything in the next day or two so I called George on the 3rd day and no answer so I left a message. It has been a week since then and 4 weeks since my interview and I haven't heard anything. Do I call or just wait until I hear? I don't want to seem like a stalker but the anticipation is getting to me.
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