Summer externship interview

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    i have an externship interview in two days .I am so nervous especially because they are going to take half the people they have called for the interview. I am a nursing student finishing up my junior year. I am international student and i feel like that already puts me at some disadvantage.I have no idea what kind of questions to expect or what to answer. I did however see there is weakness question that they like to ask.I was wondering is it bad to say that my weakness is that i am a little soft spoken which is a cultural thing. If i say this and add that it has worked to my advantage in the past where patients who were angry and shouting have become calm when i spoke to them. will this work to my disadvantage where soft spoken people dispay lack of confidence?..i also dont know what to answer to the famous question tell me about yourself.. And a difficult situation i have had and how i handled it or a difficult patient.Some help please!! Any help
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