Question On Following Up After An Interview

  1. hi everyone. so here's the story. i went to an interview this past friday (1/27) with the nurse manager. at the end of the interview she told me she had other candidates she still had to interview and would TRY to either have narrowed it down or have her choice by feb 10th. she said if i were a considered candidate, that's around the time i should be hearing something from the nurse recruiter.

    so after the interview i went home, sent my thank you email (i know..not handwritten, but i always fear it wont get to them early enough), and now i'm patiently waiting for feb 10th to arrive. she wasnt clear on the exact date, and by the sound of it, she sounded very busy and that it would be a stretch if she could decide on an applicant by that time.

    so my question it proper to follow up with a phone call or email to the nurse manager checking up on the status of the job position? it might show eagerness and determination. on the other hand, it might make me look desperate. i wouldnt want to bother her as she must be very busy.

    so to those that say it's ok to call/email, when do you think should be the time?
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