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  1. I had a call from hr on aug 2, 2017 for a interview on aug 15,2017. the email stated the interview would be a hour and half. i first spoke with hr and we talked about my goals, the hospital, salary, benefits then i went to meet the nurse manager. the nurse manager was super nice, she stated that she really likes me. she gave me a tour and introduced me to everyone. she even wanted me to come in the night to meet more people. she even walked me to ny car after. on aug 17, 2017 she called to confirm that i will meet a nurse for the night shift and that she didnt forget about me. i went in at night and the nurse loved me. the following day i got a call from the nurse manager again that she night nurse loved me and she does too and she will make it happen. she even said she liked my thank you note i emailed her. its been a week and i hear nothing. the hr lady didnt give me a time frame because they join to northwell and they need sign of on paperwork and she going to get ne the highest offer she can. im dieing here i plan on following up aug 29, 2017 . the hr and the nurse manager told me the orientation coming up in couple weeks and i dont want to miss it. im nervous and alwats checking my emails every second
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  3. by   Jesse920
    That sounds exciting. From what I understand,there is nothing wrong with asking them for a time frame. Are you a new grad? Any tips for getting into Northwell?
  4. by   princessprincess
    hey, im not a new grad. Apply to med-surg and,visit the website for events to meet a recuiter