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  1. hi everybody,
    I have a personal interview with Bassette medical center in cooperstown this month with the nurse manager of the surgical floor.They told me that it will be one hour interview. Anyone have tips for me. what is the questions they used to ask? what should and should not say? is any medical questions? I am so nervous about it as I am a new graduate and it is my first personal interview...
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  3. by   staffordrn12
    I interviewed there last month- the surgical manager is really nice and down to earth. My interview actually went a little over an hour. The interview was more of a conversation. She asked about some examples of the types of patients I've worked with. She asked about my clinical rotations which I described. Just be yourself, dress professionally. Take extra copies of your rsum and she might have you meet with some nurses on the unit.

    This is a great hospital and they are wet supportive of new grads. I was offered the job after that one interview but I had to decline because I was not in a position to relocate to cooperstown/oneonta. Good luck to you!
  4. by   staffordrn12
    *very supportive
  5. by   morazoo
    Thank you so much, staffordrn12. You are so helpful to me. I was so nervous as it is the first interview. Again, thank you
  6. by   staffordrn12
    I just thought of two questions she asked... tell me about your most difficult patient. Also tell me a time when you went above and beyond for a patient. Good luck.