PCT Interview and Skills Advice for Pre-Nursing BSN Student with CNA, BLS, & MedAide Cert

  1. Thanks to your earlier advice, I'm now enrolled for my BSN at UTA instead of an ADN. So I'm completing many random pre-reqs until I finish lower level. (History, Art, Math, etc.)

    I did receive my CNA certification and am working on med aide because I like to have as many certs as I can in the mean time.

    I finally got call backs for PRN PCT positions and I have two interviews in the next two weeks. One is for Med Unit and one for PCU.

    I am thrilled to work while I get my BSN so I can have experience and be a better nurse. So, do any of you have advice on what will make me a great PCT, and what interviewers will look for?

    I have a lot to learn, and I'm happy to do my best and go above and beyond. I am a second career nurse (spent 20 years in publishing) so I am a little older (37) but the only experience I have is my CNA clinicals and my current PRN work as a medical assistant under a doctor I know. I don't know anything as far as placing IVs, phlebotomy/draws, or placing caths. But I am so willing to learn, am a fast learner, a great problem solver and keep a cool head during crisis.
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