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    I just got called for a second interview at a hospital on Mon for an LVN position. I'm excited and nervous as I'm not sure what type of questions I will be asked. Here's where I need advise. I am 12 weeks pregnant, I had a threatened miscarriage and went to the ER two weeks ago. I have another Dr's appointment on Wed for an ultrasound and results to blood work. My Dr said that on Wed he will be able to tell me what is going on with my pregnancy, if its a tubal, miscarriage or going to be a normal pregnancy. Do I need to disclose this during my interview? I have Dr's appointments scheduled for me and my daughter, is it okay to let them know I have these appointments scheduled and will need that time off? I asked how late the Dr will see patients and they told me no later than 2:30 will they make the appointments, this is for both my Dr and my daughters. Is it okay to let them know that I do plan on going back to school? Before I knew I was pregnant I was applying for an RN program, I paid my exam fee but had to reschedule because I was sick. I know it seems as though I'm taking on too much right now. But I stayed home to take care of my daughter who is 18 months now and I planned on going back to school, I had put applications in for jobs but never got a call back which is why I was surprised and excited that I did get an interview for this hospital position. Any advice would be appreciated.

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