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  1. hello,

    i'm a new graduate, and i will have my first interview in some weeks to a foreign hospital..

    i know that the employers of this hospital usually make a question about priorities, for example:
    "you are at the end of your shift.. one patient comes back from surgery and, at the same time, other patient falls down in toilet. what patient will you take care first?"

    how would you answer? for me it's subjective, because from my experience, usually a patient returning from surgery is stable (otherwise he would be staying in recovery unit for a longer period of time) monitored and accompanied by another nurse, while a patient who falls down can be in risk of hemorrhage, and that evaluation shouldn't be postponed..but it also can be a minor fall

    what would be your answer?
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  3. by   SweetsRN522
    Why do you want to work for our organization?
    Tell me about a time you had a conflict with another employee and how you resolved it?
    What are your strengths and weaknesses?(always turn weakness into a positive outlook)
    Why should we hire you?(Let them know skills and attributes that make u stand out from among the rest look at their mission and values and see how you fit into their organization)
    How to you manage stress?
    How do you organize your time?
    How would you handle XYZ situation? (Follow the ABC's and how you would do something always Assess first) If you never had any experience explain I have never had an experience like this but this is what I would do?
    Research the organization first before you go to the interview and make sure you dress nice. Preferably a suit, little jewelry and makeup, hair pulled back. You want to portray yourself as a professional. Make sure to bring copies of your resume, references, license and anything else such as BLS, ACLS, PALS or any other certifications you may have.

    You always check on the patient who fell on the toliet first because that is the patient who immediately needs help. The patient from surgery was in holding and is probably still under sedation and would not have been transferred up to the floor if not stable enough to do so(hopefully!!). You have to think of the immediate consequences of a fall they could have hit their head, broken a bone or something (I have seen some pretty horrific falls (fortunately none of my own knock on wood lol). Assess the situation with the fall victim, call charge inform them of fall, call doctor and inform them of fall, implement physicians orders, and if patient is able to move get assistance moving them(if any serious injuries are suspected to the C-spine follow protocol per facility(do not move patient!) once stable go and check on the post surgical also depends what they are post op for.

    If charge is free you can inform them that you just had a fall and your patient from surgery is coming back would she mind checking on him or her. They usually do not ask you situations like that. Interviewers want to see that you are confident and you know about the chain of command and how to prioritize your care. They want to know that you are able to carefully and thoroughly think out your care plan and act on it. Usually when I have a patient fall I am at the bedside assessing the patient, with my portable phone on my ear calling the doctor. That way you are with the patient assessing, and obtaining orders to implement (it is a way to multi task while informing the physician of what is going on in real time). Also the charge can speak to the physcian if she is available and you are busy assessing and stablizing the situation. I have had to do that before too.

    Always make sure to ask them questions as well?