Interview today

  1. I have an interview today, hoping for lots of good mojo from my fellow AN buddies!!!

    It's for a PCT PRN position. I am excited and hopeful and eager to start working! I graduate in 2013, so I am hoping this will lead to a new grad residency soon!

    Thanks for the support and thoughts and prayers!
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  3. by   RN12PTL
    Good luck!! I have an interview today for my first RN job!! Praying for both of us in this exciting time
  4. by   CP2013
    I think it went well. I got asked typical personal questions, work experience, etc.

    I was asked scenario questions, and I think I blew it. They were:

    1) You have 3 patients who have called you, and in which order would you attend to the patient?
    a) Patient who needs an accucheck
    b) Patient with a report of pain
    c) Elderly patient who needs assistance to the bathroom

    I did a-c-b because I felt that the accucheck patient could potentially have unstable glucose and would need to be monitored for glucose level, the elderly patient who needed toileting to avoid bed sores, and then the patient with pain.

    2) Patient is post operative and has a WBC count of 18,000 and Hemoglobin of 6, the patient's subclavian line has been D/C'd and the provider has ordered Ancef 1g IV and 1 unit PRBC. What would you do?

    I said I would obtain two PIV lines, and administer the PRBC and Ancef in separate lines. She said if I was only able to obtain one PIV, what would I do, so I said I would administer the PRBC, and call the provider for a PICC or central line insertion for administration of the Ancef, because the patient's hemoglobin was so low. (WBC count should be between 4000-10000, right?)

    Any advice on how to handle these questions next time I interview? That is, if I haven't blown it entirely!