Failed Interview for a Clinical Question?

  1. I just had a new grad RN interview today with a PCU unit. I thought it went really well, I was able to make them laugh a lot and all the women on the panel really seemed to like my answers without being super cliche. For a clinical question they asked me what I do if I found an unresponsive nonverbal patient with a glucose of 300.

    In my nervousness all that came to mind was my Hurst Review which said:
    "if you enter a diabetic patients room and they're unconscious what do you do? treat them as hypo (CAN BE UNCONSCIOUS WITH BOTH HYPO/HYPER), give them d50w and glucagon".
    So I said something along the lines of, "I'm not sure the protocol, but I would assess and give glucagon because their glucose level is really high".

    I think I answered their other clinical questions correctly, but this one is really messing with me! Has anyone ever not gotten a job because they messed up a clinical question?
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  3. by   Kuriin
    I'm a little confused. You're going to give someone with a glucose of 300 glucagon because they are unresponsive?
  4. by   mmeezyy
    Hi Kuriin,

    I realized my mistake immediately after I left the interview and double checked my answer once I got home. My question was if an interviewee is automatically disqualified because of answering a clinical question incorrectly.
  5. by   Kuriin
    Unfortunately, if someone answered incorrectly like that, it could mean an immediate disqualification. I had an interview a few days ago and we were given 4 patients to prioritize and assess first and the other person being interviewed said he would see someone first. The interviewer immediately said, "You would see this person first?" incredulously.