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Hello Everyone:),

I just graduated nursing school, and I am so excited about starting my career as a nurse:redbeathe! I understand that getting an internship is a very important step in becoming one of the best nurses you can be, so I have looked into several internships here in Florida and It seems that the best available are in Orlando through Florida Hospital. I was wondering if anyone out there has gone through there internships and how you felt about your time with Florida Hospital! Also, I have been wondering what the profile of the nurse accepted into their internships look like. For instances, what was your GPA and did you have prior experience, what internship did you go for? Thanks in Advance for your suggestions and answers :D

P.S If you know of any additional nursing internships offered in Florida , Please let me know!:up:

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They have new grad program at HealthFirst in Brevard County. I don't know if it's going right now but it's worth looking into. I work for HealthFirst and we just hired two GN's on our floor. Good luck!

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I have been trying to get in at Health First for a couple years now. Not for nursing, but administrative. Billing, registration, patient accts, etc... Now that I've been accepted to nursing school, I've been trying to get in part time for registration or unit secretary or something (for now, until I get through my first fundamentals course and can hopefully work PT as a nurse tech), and I just cannot get a call back. Any suggestions?



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