Will need a preceptor in NY for MSN-Nursing Informatics Capstone at Excelsior College - page 2

I will have to find a preceptor for my Excelsior College MSN-Nursing Informatics Capstone Course/Project in the last quarter of 2013 or the first quarter of 2014. If there is anyone out there... Read More

  1. by   ccweisbard
    Have you tried contacting Meditech??? They are bound to have a nurse w a Masters in Informatics, they have somewhere between 6-8 sites in Boston alone
  2. by   akanini
    Any news on this? I will be needing a preceptor for EC, as well for Informatics.
  3. by   RNPatriot
    I am currently enrolled in NUR 551 at excelsior and am stuck. I really could use your help. Could you message me privately? You can also reach me at KayPatriot@gmail.com. Thanks. Kathleen