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  1. I just graduated last year from an ADN program. Even before I started nursing school, I was thinking about which speciality area I wanted to focus on in the future. For the longest time, it was midwifery and woman's health, then school nurse, then CRNA...

    But just recently I realized my love for computers and electronic "gadgets" can make my nursing career much more fun for me. So, I think I'd like to look into becoming a nurse informaticist. I live in Oregon and I plan to start a distance learning through Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland to earn my BSN. I think I'd like to continue my education after the BSN by going into another distance learning program. I'd be thrilled if anyone can point me to any links that would give me information about any online programs for NI. Does anyone know which are the best online programs for NI? Would I just be better off moving and becoming a regular grad student somewhere out of state? I don't think OSHU has a Nursing Informatics program. :-/

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  3. by   Mariah
    Try http://www.amia.org/working/ni/education/education.html for a list of nursing informatics programs. You will need to have some clinical practice for informatics jobs. There is a lot of info in this bulletin board - some old and new that can provide info. Also check out http://www.amia.org/resource/acad&training/f1.html
  4. by   rninformatics
    In addition to a "love for computers and gadgets" you'll also need past clinical practice experience and the ability to combine this with an understanding of the data, information and knowledge continuum. Not to mention strong change management skills.
    Oregon Health Sciences University's medical and clinical informatics programs have an excellent reputation. Check out the American Medical Informatics Associations' - AMIA's website (www.amia.org) which has a seperate page that provides information on informatics undergraduate and graduate level programs. The sections also lists such details as whether or not the program has an on-line/distance education component.
    Good Luck