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I would like to hear where you guys got your MSN clinical informatics degree from. I live in northern california and strongly considering Getting my msn Online. My Hospital is currently reimbursing... Read More

  1. by   WJewel88
    University of Maryland, but when I graduated, it was not 100% online. I worked full time nights (12 hour shifts) and drove 100 miles one way to get to my classes. I lucked out only having to drive one day a week. The rest of my classes were online. Annnnnd I'm still paying for it, 20 years later :|
  2. by   Carefreeliving
    I attended the University of Washington's Clinical Informatics & Patient-Centered Technologies (CIPCT) program. You receive a Master of Science of degree (MS) and it's completely online. You attend a campus visit once a year. Tuition rate is the same for resident and non-residents. The cohorts are small and the university really wants to see their students succeed.
  3. by   viealle
    Hey there,

    I started out in Health Informatics first and am going for my BSN now. What I can say, from my experience, is that it wouldn't hurt to look at Health Information Management/Informatics programs rather than just Nursing Informatics programs, if that is what you truly want to go in to. The reason I say this is because some of the HIM programs are accredited through CAHIIM, AHIMA, and HIMSS. These programs would allow you to become certified in HIM/HI. While many employers do not require them, they are beneficial if you want to stay in this niche.

    In the end, the informatics field, both health and nursing wise, is not very delineated. Many jobs in this field have overlapping job duties and descriptions. One's experience in HI will most certainly not correlate to how someone else feels or experiences the job, unless they literally work the same position at the same entity. There are so many different jobs you could end up in that seem vastly different.

    Bottom line, I do not believe you have to get the MSN degree in NI to find a job in that field. You most certainly qualify for many positions already due to having clinical experience. If possible, I would recommend finding someone who started in Nursing who then went on to NI or HI. Or, jump right in, find out if you like it or not, and then decide on the higher education. Your experience will then dictate if you plan on going forward with these degree types, either NI or HIM/HI.

    The field is so blended that any way you go will be fine for now. As we continue to utilize health technology, I believe we may see more requirements on accredited degrees. However, experience sometimes trumps the certifications. It is extremely convoluted!
  4. by   ButterflyBeach
    Hello, what do you think about MSN Informatics program in University of Phoenix online? Thank you.