1. Hi, does anyone work with the Veterans Administration patient EHR called CPRS? I think it stands for Computerized Patient Record System. I'm interested in how that system compares with other EHR systems used by other healthcare offices/facilities. Does anyone know if CPRS will become the gold standard of EHRs? For those of you who may work as informaticists or health care providers with CPRS, how do you like it? Is it considered more user friendly then other systems?
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  3. by   CNL2B
    The CPRS at my facility is fantastic. My understanding is that CPRS is nationwide, so all the VA's probably have similar varieties of the same program. Everything you could possibly want to know is there at the click of a button. I would say though, that it is better for use in the clinics than in inpatient care. There is a place to enter vitals and assessments (via a template in a nursing note) but that piece of it is just a tiny smidgen of the whole program. Most of us in inpatient care in the critical care areas have another system we do our detailed charting on. The ward nurses have to slog through CPRS.
  4. by   LisaDNP
    I agree with Missbecky that CPRS is great! It can do just about everything you may want or desire. I've also worked with Cerner in the past and the two systems are very comparable. Actually, I heard that the people who developed Cerner basically "stole" their ideas from CPRS. I, of course, have no idea if that is true or not but there are many similarities!
  5. by   Mijourney
    Thank you for your replies. I too am impressed by what I'm hearing about the VA's EHR system and the variety and usefulness of all the information contained in it. I now have a desire to work in the VA to see the wonders of that EHR.